Open Up to a Stylish, Space-Saving Cabedza®

Discover our comfy cabinet beds

Maximize small spaces without sacrificing style with our exclusive Cabedza® (cabinet bed). They’re ideal for tinier rooms, guests rooms or studio apartments.

They’re crafted of BC lumber—never of particle board or plastics—and are available in 15+ finishes. They don’t need to be attached to a wall, making them easy to set up or move.


Cabedza cabinet bed

zero gravity serta motion adjustable bed

Adjust to Your Dream Sleep Experience

Choose your perfect sleeping position

Combine luxury and comfort with a lifestyle adjustable bed. Whether you want to recline more than your partner or alleviate back pain, you can easily customize your sleeping position.

These beds are great for maximizing your overall sleep comfort.

Adjustable beds are also ideal for people with sleep apnea, acid reflux or other medical issues.

We carry a huge selection of adjustable bases.


Medically Beneficial Magnet Therapy Mattresses, Braces, Supports & Accessories

Heal while you sleep

Whether you have lower back pain, joint pain or muscle strain, you’ll wake up feeling the difference a magnet therapy mattress makes.

The magnets act like a mini heating pad to stimulate blood flow, increase circulation and accelerate healing.

Heal while you sleep with our BIOflex® medical magnet therapy mattresses, made in Surrey, B.C.


Magnet Therapy Mattresses

Guaranteed Comfort for a Good Night

With over 50 years of experience selling virtually every mattress brand available, we’re confident we can help you find your perfect fit.

We’re personally invested in your healthier sleep experience. We offer a 120-night sleep comfort guarantee on most of our mattresses.

All mattresses come with a warranty—and we won’t be undersold.


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