Did you know there are only two latex factories in the world that manufacture 100% Certified Organic Latex and they must be recertified annually for consistency?

It’s true. They go through strict annual inspections and testing in order to retain the Certification of 100% Organic Latex, which is considered the healthiest type of latex in the world.

Only 100% Certified Organic Latex is made of Dunlop Latex as there are no synthetic characteristics as is found in Talalay Latex. Organic Latex starts by having all soils parched and leached of chemicals and vegetation for a 5-6 year period before rubber trees are planted and grown in the soil.


Dunlop Latex Mattresses

The Dunlop process was the first manufacturing process capable of mass producing high quality foam rubber and was designed for the exclusive use of Natural Rubber. It was developed in January 1929 by E.A. Murphy of Dunlop Rubber Company and 2 years later the first latex mattresses were being made out of Dunlop Latex.

The Dunlop method results in denser and generally a firmer latex product with a narrower range of firmness levels (IFD’s) due to the cellular restraints of using Natural Latex. Although you can not make a super soft Dunlop latex, proper mattress construction allows for Dunlop latex to satisfy the needs of 99% of the population.

Talalay Latex Mattresses

The Talalay process was patented in 1960 by Leon Talalay of Goodrich. The Talalay process is the newer and more complex of the two latex manufacturing processes. It was specifically designed in response to the rapid increase in the availability of synthetic latex. Talalay takes advantage of the different chemical and physical properties of Synthetic Latex. The more refined manufacturing process allows for a broader range of IFD’s (firmness levels) and using less material per cubic foot yields a less dense but more consistent and manageable product. It’s most advantageous at the softest IFD’s that are rarely used. The majority of latex mattresses made in North America are made using Talalay from a blend of Styrene-Butadiene Rubber and Natural Rubber as it makes a more economical product.


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