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Adjustable Bed Frequently Asked Questions

Adjustable Bed FAQs

With over 60 years combined industry experience selling virtually every brand available, Innovative Sleep Solutions owners David and Terry have fielded their fair share of mattress-related questions over the years. Helping people get a good night’s sleep is their passion.

One of the most common questions David and Terry help clients answer is whether or not a lifestyle adjustable bed is right for them – whether or not they have medical issues.

Indeed, these beds are often associated with medical beds, and they do make wonderful choices for many people with mobility or other medical issues.

But there are many reasons for people of all ages to choose a lifestyle adjustable bed, ranging from customizing your sleep experience to increased relaxation. There are so many lovely options available today, so this truly is a ‘lifestyle’ option for many.

So is a lifestyle adjustable bed right for you? Keep reading!

lifestyle adjustable bed

 Is a lifestyle adjustable bed right for you?

What Is A Lifestyle Adjustable Bed?

Like the name promises, with a lifestyle adjustable bed, you can adjust your sleeping position. The frame is multi-hinged, so that you can adjust the elevation of your head, feet, or other portions of the mattress.

Some lifestyle beds also offer advanced technology options like massage and zero gravity features, helping you take your comfort to the next level (the Simmons Beautyrest Black Luxury Base is a lovely choice for anyone looking for those extra perks).

Ultimately, lifestyle adjustable beds make great choices whether you have a medical condition that would benefit from sleeping in a certain position, or you just want to get a better night’s sleep.

Learn more about the many benefits of lifestyle adjustable beds here.

How Do Lifestyle Adjustable Beds Work?

Adjustable beds are specifically designed to allow users to elevate both the head and foot sections of the bed between 40-70 degrees. In order to accommodate this level of flexibility, adjustable beds are built differently from other types of beds.

Each adjustable bed is made up of two basic parts: the sleeping surface and the joints. Since the base of the bed is built to provide movable sleeping surfaces, each joint has to be able to rotate a varying number of degrees, depending on the different sleeping positions. The joints then work to move the base into the correct position.

Ultimately, an adjustable bed puts you in control, offering a customized and ultra comfortable sleep space. For this reason, they do offer health benefits for people who need them.

But because you can move the beds up to 70 degrees, many people enjoy them simply for reading in bed, working on laptop or catching up on Netflix.

Learn more about how adjustable beds work here.

reading in a lifestyle adjustable bed

Reading in an adjustable bed can be wonderful

What Conditions Are Lifestyle Adjustable Bed Best For?

Because they allow you to sleep in a more upright position, adjustable beds are an ideal option for people who suffer from acid reflux or sleep apnea.

Lifestyle adjustable and medical beds can also help improve blood circulation, by periodically changing the pressure points on the body by adjusting the position of the head and feet. Even slight alterations can allow for more movement, in turn helping facilitate a more even flow of blood throughout the body.

Additionally, people who experience heartburn, arthritis, asthma, leg swelling and insomnia may all benefit from a lifestyle adjustable bed.

Learn more about the health benefits of medical beds here

How Long Do Adjustable Beds Last?

A well-built adjustable bed can last for a few decades, which is longer than mattresses typically last. In other words, lifestyle adjustable beds are built to stand the test of time.

Do Lifestyle Adjustable Beds Ruin Mattresses?

In a word: no!

Will I Need To Get A New Mattress?

Nope. While getting a new mattress is always wonderful, all of our beds accommodate most spring-filled mattresses, magnet therapy mattresses, latex, hybrid and foam mattresses.

What Type of Mattress Is Best For A Lifestyle Adjustable Bed?

Like we mentioned, lifestyle adjustable beds can accommodate most mattress types. That said, latex mattresses are among the most ideal, because they flex easily and follow the exact contour of the base regardless of the position, so allows you to enjoy pain-free comfort in a variety of different positions.

Since mattresses used on lifestyle adjustable beds go through repeated movements over time, it is important to choose a mattress that offers greater flexibility and durability. This means that it is vital to select a high-quality mattress that will be able to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use for years to come. Another huge benefit of latex mattresses as they outlast memory foam or spring mattresses 2-1!

There are a range of different factors that will affect how well a mattress works on an adjustable base. That is why our professional team members are always available to help you make the best mattress selection possible. Learn some more tips for choosing the best mattress for an adjustable bed here.

What’s A Good Mattress To Get Zero G?

Using a lifestyle adjustable bed to create a zero-gravity position can help you improve the quality of sleep you get on a nightly basis.

The zero-gravity sleep position is designed to mimic the weightlessness that astronauts feel when they are in space. It provides a more neutral sleeping position by placing the legs above the heart, thus encouraging proper alignment.

Since the body’s most relaxed and restful state occurs when there is a 128-degree angle between the abdomen and thigh, simply adjusting the bed’s head and foot sections to move the body into this position can provide a range of different benefits, such as minimizing snoring, reducing swelling, relieving heartburn and acid reflux, and improving digestion.

We often recommend the Serta Motion Perfect IV to clients interested in this option, because it has a zero-g present button.

zero gravity serta motion adjustable bed

Learn more about the Serta Motion Perfect IV

What’s A Good Mattress For Patient Care?

harmony adjustable bed

For those who may need a little assistance transitioning from sitting to standing to get out of bed, the Harmony Hi-Low can help you stand with the touch of a button. This is also a great option for those who require patient care at home or in an assisted living environment.

The Harmony Hi-Low provides the features of a homecare bed without the institutional look. The removable rear section of the bed frame even allows the user to attach their residential headboard, making it a beautiful addition to your room.

Can I share an adjustable bed with a partner?

There are many options available for lifestyle adjustable beds, and you can absolutely share one with a partner.

Many adjustable bed mattresses are available in twin and twin long; double and double long; queen and split queen; king and split king.

Many of our customers will also put two twin long bases together, to make a king-sized bed made up of two separate beds. It offers the best of both worlds, by allowing you to move independently from your partner, so you’re not limited to the same sleep experience as your loved one.

And, if you or your partner are a snorer due to a condition such as sleep apnea, you’ll love the difference this option makes!

We have one of the largest selections of adjustable beds and power bases from the leading manufacturers in Canada: Leggett & Platt, Serta, Simmons, Sealy and Tempur-Pedic. Best of all, they’re all competitively priced to save you money, and we won’t be undersold.

Unlike the big-box stores, we don’t operate on commission, and we don’t just want to make the sale to get you out the door. We are personally invested in helping you discover a healthier sleep experience, so you always deal directly with one of the store owners (and many times the owners even personally deliver!).

With our wide selection of lifestyle adjustable beds and power bases, you’ll discover your healthiest, most restful sleep yet. Please call David and Terry at (604) 536-9380 to learn more.

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