Unbelievably incredible service and competitive prices! Dave & Terry really know their products and what to recommend for our particular needs. We saw their ad on TV so went to them first but wanted to check the big stores and smaller store in the area and these guys were by far the best and clearly have been doing this a long time. Very informative, great selection of healthy products and no pressure which made our decision very simple.

We highly recommend this company!! Great name too.

Don Stanley

Interesting specialty bed, sleep store with all types of related and special products. My focus was on the cabinet bed and it’s unique space saving design with just a little over two feet from the wall by queen size length. For me, the prices were very reasonable for this remarkably piece of furniture. Thanks for the demo…

Jack Peters

Great service and what they say is true! Definitely best cabinet beds anywhere as I looked at them all!

Jen Arsenault

I received great service from Dave, he was very helpful and very accommodating to our needs. We required next day delivery and because we were buying a floor model mattress, we needed the mattress right away because of a medical need and he was able to provide that for us. I would highly recommend this store!

Leanne Taylor

Saw their commercials on TV and then was intrigued by what they say they do on their website so shopped around then ended up back a 2nd time to buy. Was impressed with their Innovative quality products and the price points were competitive but their knowledge and service is far more incredible! No comparison to other stores! We bought a Zedbed bed and absolutely love it and recommend it to everyone. Good job fellas!

Dean Perry

I needed a bed last minute after our order for a murphy bed was delayed from another company. We cancelled the order and bought a cabinet bed – amazing staff in helping us get next day delivery, great price and fantastic product!!

Wl Comeau

Lots of mattress selection! My husband and I went in for our first foray into the mattress-buying world last weekend, and David and Terry took all the time we wanted to educate us and help us find something that fit our needs and our budget. I wasn’t expecting to buy a bed that quickly, but am really happy with our selection! The process was great — I never felt pressured or “sold”, just educated and helped by a professional. Plus I’ll rest easier at night knowing I have a healthier mattress with no off-gassing, etc. I highly recommend Innovative Sleep Solutions!

Charlotte Almeida

My family has purchased 2 beds and 1 cabinet bed from Innovative Sleep over the last 3 years. Their prices are good and they stand behind the products they sell. Great selection in store. Highly recommended.

Mitch Drew

I started looking at this store then went to WR Mattress, Sleep Shop and McLeary’s for a cabinet bed but I went back and I bought from Innovative because they have the better designed bed by far and the more comfortable mattress, though the the price was about the same as the others. Take it from me don’t waste time looking at other stores, go to this store! Delivery was quick and simple and we love our cabinet.

Randy Larsen

Fantastic service and pricing. I would highly recommend them to all of my family and friends. These guys don’t try to sell you their products, but listen to your needs and try to help.

David Nidis