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What Type of Mattress is Right for Your Sleep Position?

What Type of Mattress is Right for Your Sleep Position?

Everyone has their own sleep preference, whether it’s on their back, stomach, side or all of the above. However, you may not realize that the wrong type of mattress for your sleep style can hurt your back, neck, shoulders and joints.

So if you haven’t put much thought into how your sleeping position affects your health, now’s the time! Read on to find out which types of mattress are ideal for your preferred sleeping position.

The Back Sleeper

If you’re a back sleeper, congratulations! You sleep in the position most recommended by doctors. Health experts recommend back sleeping because it’s the best for keeping your spine aligned and supporting joints.

There are a variety of mattresses that are good for back sleepers. We like latex mattresses for back sleepers, because they are cushioning yet springy. They offer the perfect balance of orthopedic support and contouring to the body. Explore our latex mattresses.

The Stomach Sleeper

Sleeping on your stomach can feel incredibly comfortable, but it does put pressure on the lungs and breasts. It can also lead to misalignment of the spine.

If you’re a stomach sleeper, consider a Talalay latex mattress or a plush mattress. These softer styles will mold and contour to your body shape, while a firmer mattress may press against your organs and cause you discomfort.

Talalay latex mattresses are also copper-infused. They’re clinically proven to prevent the growth of antimicrobials and kill germs, mold and mildew! Read our blog to learn more.

The Side Sleeper

If you like to doze off on your side, it’s important to keep your spine as straight as possible. If your spine isn’t properly supported, you may be causing long-term damage and back problems.

Picture yourself lying down on your side: there will be gaps between you and the surface near your waist and neck. You’ll probably sleep most soundly and healthily on a medium-firm to firm mattress, such as this Simmons Beautyrest Black Hybrid Mattress or this Serta Masterpiece Mattress.

No matter what your preferred sleeping position is, we also like to recommend lifestyle adjustable beds. With an adjustable bed, you choose your sleeping position. Not only is it great for all sleeping positions, it’s an ideal option for people who suffer from acid reflux or sleep apnea. Learn more about lifestyle beds.

Understanding your sleep style is an important first step in choosing the most healthy mattress. We know that it’s not just the brand of mattress that matters! There are so many different materials out there, and it can be overwhelming to decide which mattress is the right fit for you.

That’s where we come in! We’re here to help you get a good night’s sleep for optimal health and wellness. You can always contact Innovative Sleep Solutions at 604-536-9380 or by filling out this form on our website.


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