Medical Magnetic Therapy

Medical Magnetic Therapy Mattresses, Braces, Supports & Accessories

Whether you have lower back pain, joint pain or muscle strain, heal while you sleep and wake up rejuvenated with a medical magnet therapy mattress.

Innovative Sleep Solutions carries two models of our exclusive magnet therapy mattresses. They feature BIOflex® medical magnets that are recognized as a Class I medical device by both Health Canada and the FDA.

The magnets act like a mini heating pad to stimulate blood flow and deliver nutrients to repair and heal damaged tissues. They can also help heal minor injuries associated with musculoskeletal pain.

Any part of the body that comes into contact with the magnets will benefit from increased blood flow.

You’ll find that our BIOflex® mattresses and accessories offer features that you just won’t find at big box mattress retailers.


Medical Magnetic Therapy Mattresses

Medical Magnetic Therapy Mattresses

Awaken Your Body’s Natural Healing Energy

Magnetic therapy is a type of alternative therapy that uses magnets of various sizes and strengths to help relieve pain and treat certain diseases.

Since magnet therapy works by placing magnets on the body, depending on size of mattress there are roughly 220-440 BIOflex® concentric circular medical magnets are sewn beneath the fabric of each mattress.

While magnetic therapy mattresses tend to be only 11-13 inches thick, each medical magnet is carefully padded to ensure you never feel the magnets.


Sleep Well and Heal Well with Restonic

Restonic magnetic therapy mattresses combine the elements of a traditional mattress—high-quality CertiPUR foams, latex, and batting—with advanced magnet therapy technology.

Through the use of BIOflex® medical magnets, the Exceptional Plush and Comfort Innovation medium firm models create a peaceful sleeping environment that melts away pain and promotes healing.

These innovative mattresses can be extremely beneficial for people living with severe pain. Many of our customers experience improved circulation and blood flow and reduced inflammation.

Wake up feeling the difference a Restonic magnetic therapy mattress makes. With over 50 years of industry experience, our sleep experts have the knowledge and expertise to match you with your dream sleep experience.


Medical Magnetic Therapy Mattresses


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