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The Best Mattress For Arthritis & Chronic Pain

The Best Mattress For Arthritis & Chronic Pain

Our passion is helping match people with the best mattress for their unique needs. Some people need a harder mattress, some need a softer one. But we all need a comfortable and hopefully ethically-sourced mattress that helps us sleep better. This is especially true for anyone suffering from chronic joint pain due to issues like arthritis and fibromyalgia.

The best mattress for anyone suffering from arthritis and chronic joint pain is the ECO Green 100% organic latex mattress. This mattress is incredibly pressure-relieving, and it is available in multiple thicknesses and comfort levels. Moreover, it offers the best mattress warranty in North America (beating all the box store brands), so you don’t have to worry about sagging and lumps.

If you or someone you love has arthritis, keep reading to understand why this mattress makes such a great choice.

Sleep & Arthritis

Arthritis is a common condition that affects the joints, leading to swelling, tenderness and pain. There are many different types of arthritis, all with the potential to impact daily activities and quality of life. While there’s no cure, there are many options for managing the condition and reducing pain.

And improved sleep is a powerful yet often overlooked way to help manage arthritis.

mattress for chronic pain

Getting a good night’s sleep is critical, especially when you have chronic pain

We know from studies that the right mattress can reduce pain and improve quality of sleep. In fact, one study found that sleep quality significantly improved when an old mattress (9.5 years old on average) was replaced.

Good sleep can improve mood, along with mental and emotional health, and it is restorative both physiologically and psychologically. Moreover, poor sleep is associated with more sick days and more stress in general (source).

Even more critical, scientists have now discovered that joint pain can make it difficult to sleep, and that sleeping poorly can actually make joint pain worse. In fact, poor sleep can even accelerate joint damage.

And we also know that poor sleep can increase pain sensitivity, leading researchers of one study to highlight the need to improve sleep for patients with chronic pain.

Clearly, people who are suffering from arthritis and other forms of chronic pain need a comfortable bed that contributes to their ability to fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed.

Choosing A Mattress for Arthritis

When choosing a mattress for arthritis, back pain or neck pain, there are few things to keep in mind.

First, a mattress that supports your spine, neck, shoulders and lower body can reduce the amount of strain on your joints, and therefore help reduce pain.

But a mattress for chronic pain doesn’t just need to be supportive. It needs to be soft but also stable, so that you don’t sink in. When you’re trying to pick a mattress for reducing pain, you can feel a bit like Goldilocks, struggling to find the one that is ‘just right.’

Enter the Eco Green 100% organic latex mattress. It’s what we most often recommend for clients who are suffering from chronic pain, arthritis and other similar conditions. This is a very special mattress, and it’s one you won’t find anywhere else in North America.

organic latex mattress

This organic latex mattress is a great choice if you suffer from chronic pain.

The ECO Green line is hypoallergenic and babysafe. Here’s why we love it for arthritis sufferers:

  • It offers great pressure relief
  • Because of its open cell structure, it is temperature neutral and sleeps cooler than other mattresses (see more cooling mattresses here)
  • It provides correct orthopedic spinal support
  • It has lower hysteresis, meaning it’s much easier to roll on, compared to sleeping in memory foam or spring filled mattresses. Especially when you have chronic pain, you don’t want to sink in to your mattress.

Moreover, due to their 100% conformability, latex mattresses are the best choices for lifestyle adjustable beds, which also make great choices for people with chronic pain (see the many reasons to choose a lifestyle adjustable bed here).

And remember that, as discussed, old mattresses can have a negative impact on sleep quality. There’s probably nothing worse for arthritis sufferers than a sagging, lumpy mattress. And here’s where the ECO Green mattress really shines. It has a unique 15 year warranty that covers just ½ inches of sag. No other mattress in North America comes close to this level of protection, so you can rest assured (pun intended) that you’re making the best choice for the long term. Learn more about mattress warranties here.

Finally, we should note that millions of people suffer from arthritis and chronic pain, and there is no one mattress that will be right for everyone. Height, weight, your sleep position and your budget all factor into your decision, which is why we like to work closely with clients to help them find the best option.

And we love that the ECO Green line comes in multiple thicknesses and comforts: 6, 8, 9.5, & 11 inches. Note that all the latex layers are floating, so no glue is used. That means you can swap out one of the layers if the comfort isn’t quite right, instead of having to get a whole new mattress. So much more convenient!

Plus, like with all our mattresses, this line uses only all-natural products, so there’s no chemical off-gassing, and there’s a small carbon footprint. Even the cover is 100% organic.

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Be sure to follow us on Instagram, where we regularly share sleep tips to help everyone get a better night’s rest. Remember that we offer free shipping to most major centres in Canada. And if you’d like to learn more about the ECO Green or any of our mattresses, please call Dave and Terry at (604) 536-9380. We love to talk all things mattresses!

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