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Best Mattress Warranty in Canada

Best Mattress Warranty in Canada

There’s so much to consider when purchasing a mattress. You want one that will suit your lifestyle, and you want it to last. And navigating the best warranty options can be tricky.

The best mattress warranty in Canada is currently the warranty on the ECO Green Organic Latex Mattress, which has a non-prorated manufacturer’s warranty of just ½ inch of sagging over 15 years. There is currently no other mattress warranty in Canada beating this standard and we are the only store that has it!

The ECO Green mattress makes a great choice for several other reasons, which we’ll cover below. But first, let’s explore what goes into a mattress warranty.

Mattress Warranties Explained

Mattresses are a financial investment, and it’s always a good idea to protect your investments. You do this by understanding your warranty.

There are three big areas to consider when examining a mattress warranty:

  • Length – how long is your mattress covered?
  • Prorated vs Non-prorated – with prorated warranties, the customer is responsible for covering a certain percentage of the cost to repair or replace a mattress. With non-prorated warranties, the company will either cover 100% of repair and replacement costs or charge for just the difference (inflation) in price, giving you full credit for what you paid. You can also have a combination of the two.
  • Physical Defects and Sagging Depth

Of course, most warranties for mattresses will cover abnormal physical defects, just like warranties on any other products.

So the key with mattress warranties is to look at the sagging of the product. Over its lifetime, wear and tear means that all mattresses will begin to sag slightly. So manufacturers will only cover excessive sagging that can be attributed to a defect in the product.

A lower sagging depth protects you more, but it also speaks to the quality of the mattress. It tells you how much the manufacturer expects the mattress to sag.

The industry standard for sagging depth is 1.5 inches deep or greater. Better options will cover as little as 0.75 inches.

The new warranty for the ECO Green Organic Latex Mattress is a whopping 0.5 inches (ie. half an inch) making it the best warranty currently on the market in Canada. This mattress is available exclusively at Innovative Sleep Solutions. It can be purchased in-store in Surrey, BC, or purchased online. Note that we offer free shipping to most major cities in Canada.

The ECO Green Organic Latex Mattress warranty is also non-prorated for 15 years, offering you further protection. It truly is the best warranty, for the best mattress, on the market.

Also, note that warranties are not the same thing as sleep trials. Innovative also offers a 120 sleep night guarantee, to ensure you choose the mattress that will give you a dream sleep experience.

The ECO Green Mattress Explained

organic latex mattress

A baby-safe, organic latex mattress

We’re passionate about offering our customers clean, green products that are made in Canada, and that offer the most comfortable night’s sleep possible. That’s why the ECO Green Organic Latex Mattress is always front-and-centre in our showroom.

As we’ve covered, these mattresses come with an exceptional warranty, so you can rest assured knowing we really have your back (pun intended!). And the Dunlop method of manufacturing used on these mattresses results in a denser mattress that perfectly contours to your body for a dreamy sleep experience.

Here are just some of the qualities that make these beds so great:

  • 100% certified organic latex, along with a 100% organic cotton cover
  • Carbon neutral and made in Canada
  • Baby safe
  • No off-gassing
  • Dissipates body temperature, keeping you much cooler than foam mattresses
  • Hypoallergenic

Moreover, this latex mattress is firm and pressure relieving, making it an ideal choice for people with joint or back pain. The cushioning properties gently align your spine to maximize comfort.

In general, latex mattresses are also better for the toss-and-turners out there. Because they’re firmer, they’re much easier to roll on than memory foam options (like Casper and Endy mattresses, for example).

Given its high quality, the ECO Green Organic Latex Mattress is also the best choice for lifestyle adjustable beds. That’s because the contour base will allow for a more snug fit, without gaps, between the base and mattress.

To learn more about the ECO Green Organic Latex Mattress or purchase online, please see here. Or simply call Dave or Terry (deal directly with the owners instead of commission sales people) at (604) 536-9380, and they’ll be happy to answer any questions.

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