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The Health Benefits of Copper-Infused Mattresses

The Health Benefits of Copper-Infused Mattresses

When you head for bed, are you sleeping on a mattress that improves your health? Or are you resting on a mattress-in-a-box you got online, or one that your spouse brought when you moved in together?

People who average eight hours a night spend nearly 3,000 hours sleeping per year. However, many people don’t give much thought to how healthy their mattress is, if any.

However, you may be missing out on healing while you sleep. And in fact, a mattress could even be making you sick.

Here’s how:

  • PBDEs and formaldehyde are two commonly used chemicals in mattresses. PBDEs can lead to side effects including cancer, hearing problems and thyroid issues. While PBDEs were banned after 2004, it’s amazing how many people sleep on mattresses that are decades old!
  • Mattresses have used formaldehyde since the 1960s. This colorless, strong-smelling gas is used in everything from insulation materials to shampoos, and is used to make adhesives that hold mattresses together. Exposure to formaldehyde can result in asthma, cancer and allergies.
  • According to the Sleep Council, older mattresses—typically 10 years or older—can become a breeding ground for a variety of bacteria, including staphylococcus, enterococcus, norovirus, and, in rare cases, MRSA.
  • Over time, your mattress will start to lose elasticity and sag. It won’t be supporting your neck, shoulders and back properly. This can interfere with a good night’s sleep and lead to chronic pain.

Because you’re so used to your mattress, you may not even notice there’s anything wrong!

Choosing an Organic Latex Mattress or Copper-Infused Latex Mattress

By understanding what an organic latex mattress is, you can make an informed decision about whether or not this type of mattress is the best fit for your needs.

Let’s start with our 100% certified organic latex mattresses. Here are the basics:

  • This is natural latex that has received a guaranteed seal of environmental approval and certification from the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS).
  • They’re free of any man-made products and chemicals.
  • They’re completely eco-friendly, which encourages sustainability in plantations around the world.

While these mattresses are wonderful for your health and for the environment, they’re also incredibly comfortable. Organic latex mattresses offer a firmer, more supportive sleep. By contouring to your body, an organic latex mattress cushions and aligns your spine.

Now, if you like a softer mattress, a natural copper-infused Talalay latex mattress may be the way to go. It will gently align your spine and relieve back, shoulder and neck pain. Some clients have found relief from arthritis or bursitis pain.

Copper-infused Talalay latex also naturally dissipates body heat, so you’ll also enjoy a cool and comfortable sleep.

In addition, copper has been clinically proven to prevent the growth of antimicrobials and kills germs, mold and mildew. That’s because when bonded with latex, copper ions can inhibit the growth of bacteria and microbes. Even BC Transit is currently using copper on high-touch surfaces to prevent the spread of germs and viruses!

At Innovative Sleep Solutions, we want to help you get the best rest and relaxation possible. If you would like to learn more about what an organic latex mattress is and how it can provide you with a good night’s sleep, or if you are interested in one of our other sleep products, please contact Innovative Sleep Solutions at 604-536-9380 or by filling out a contact form on our website.


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