For Pain Relief While Sleeping – BIO-BED Mattress Pad



  • Made of ¾” high density super soft foam
  • Lined with an abundance of BIOflex® Medical Magnets strategically imbedded for optimum effect
  • Covered in luxurious damask cotton
  • Slip resistant underside
  • Lightweight, folds up to a fraction of its full size
  • Portable, easy to pack for traveling
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BIO-BED™ with BIOflex® Medical Magnets For the first time a mattress pad that can put you to sleep! BIOflex® magnetic technology is medically proven to enhance and elongate Delta Wave or Stage 4 Sleep. Also known as Slow-Wave Sleep, it is the deepest and most refreshing phase, critical for restoration, recuperation, growth and boosting the immune system. It plays a major role in maintaining our general health.