For Relaxation – BIOflex Sleep (Eye) Mask


  • Size: 7.25” x 4”
  • Magnetic Fields: 2
  • Gauss: 500 per magnet


Not only have BIOflex medical magnets been enjoyed and endorsed by professional athletes and physicians, but the health benefits have also been confirmed through scientific studies at the Baylor College of Medicine, M I T, Columbia University, Mt Sinai School of Medicine, The University of Tennessee, and The University of Kentucky.

The BIOflex Magnetic Sleep Mask is ideal for sleeping as well as relaxation, stress, sinus problems and headaches.

Our new Eye Mask contains 2 BIOflex concentric circle magnets. Made of soft comfortable nylon. Mask measures 7.25” x 4” and has two elastic straps to secure mask to your face. Ideal for relaxation, stress, sinus problems and headaches