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Cottage Style Cabedza®




Our exclusive, trademarked Cabedza® is crafted from quality BC maple plywood and maple solids, in your choice of colour and handle. It includes a 6″ folding, dual-comfort mattress that’s firm on one side and softer on the other to fit any sleeping style.

The standard unit height is 41.5″ high, and each unit is built as one piece, with a sturdy centre support and a non-removeable base for easier wide-open-space deliveries. Cabinet beds may not fit certain stair layouts, so a two-piece unit and an upcharge may be necessary.

Contact us to find out more. Please allow four weeks for manufacturing. Available in-store and online.

Stylish & Space-Saving Cabinet Beds (Cabedzas)

Our sleek Cabedzas neatly fold up into a cabinet for convenient storage. They're the perfect fit for smaller rooms, guest rooms, studio apartments or students' quarters.

These standalone beds don't need to be attached to a wall to keep them from toppling over, so they're quick and easy to set up.

Outside of Surrey or Vancouver? No problem! We can ship our B.C.- made, 100% wood cabinet beds anywhere in North America. We have shipped throughout Canada (including the Yukon), to Pittsburgh and to Hollywood!

Style & Comfort Like No Other

How do you know you're buying an authentic Cabedza® bed? When you buy it from us! Cabedzas are exclusive to Innovative Sleep Solutions, so don't be fooled by poorly crafted imitations.

Our cabinet beds are available in high-quality Maple, in more than 15 finishes and with over 50 handle options. Cabedzas have several unique features, including:

  • A two-sided CertiPUR 6″ memory foam mattress made locally using CertiPUR foams. One side has a softer feel, or you can flip over the mattress for a firmer feel. Unlike our competitors, the zipper is sewn on the side wall of the mattress—so it won't scratch the finish of the deck when it's open. If you prefer, you can upgrade to a 7″ thickness or even a latex mattress.
  • A sturdy centre piece to provide extra support under the heaviest part of your body.
  • No unsightly exterior locks or bolts, no MDF or particle board or tape edge veneers, as you see so often on our competitors' cabinet beds.
  • Some custom height and colour options are available—ask us!

If you're in need of extra seating in the family room, cabin or office, our Cabedzas can do double-duty as a cozy "couch." Simply open it up halfway, and your guests will have a soft place to sit.

When open, the Queen, Double Long and Twin Long sizes only extend 82″, while the Twin and Double sizes extend fewer than 77″ from the wall.

If you're in need of extra seating in the family room, cabin or office, our Cabedzas can do double-duty as a cozy "couch." Simply open it up halfway, and your guests will have a soft place to sit.

Additional information

Weight N/A
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Twin 43"W x 25"D (Open 77") x 41.5"H, Twin Long 43"W x 25"D (Open 82") x 41.5"H, Double 58"W x 25"D (Open 77") x 41.5"H, DoubleXL 58"W x 25"D (82 Open) x 41.5"H, Queen 64"W x 25"D (Open 82") x 41.5"H


133, 1825, 206, 2492, 2822, 4022, 530, 6349, 7154, Black, Brandy, DW, White Wash


K34SC, K933ABM, K933BK, K933BRN, K933CP, K933ORB, K933PEW-D, KH2SC, P3001-128BRN, P3001-128SC, P3001-96BRN, P3001-96SC, P762-76AIM, P762-76BRN, P762-76CP, P762-76PEW-D, P762-76RB, P762-76SC, P769AC, P769AIM, P769APT, P769BSN, P769EOA, P769PEW-D, PT076BRN, PT096BRN, PT128BRN, PT192BRN, PT256BRN, PTK40BRN


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