Original Smooth Front


Comfort & Functionality Our Cabedzas all have an exclusive sturdy centre support under the heaviest part of your body and feature an exclusive two sided flippable mattress made locally by Restonic, with dual firmness, soft on one side and firm on the other. Choose between the standard CertiPUR memory foam 6″ mattress or upgrade to a 7″ thickness or even latex. All Mattresses have zippers on the side walls to avoid scratching the wood finish. If you’re in need of extra seating open it up halfway and turn it into a seating area for 2 or 3. Great for a family room, cabin or office.

See description below for examples of finish and hardware options.

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Click here to see a sample of the finishes and hardware available

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Twin, Twin Long, Double, Double Long, Queen


206, Brandy, DW, White Wash, 2492, 6349, 7154, 2822, 530, 1825, Black, 133, 4022


P3001-96BRN, P3001-128BRN, K34SC, P3001-128SC, P3001-96SC, P762-76AIM, P762-76RB, P762-76CP, P762-76PEW-D, P762-76BRN, P762-76SC, K933ORB, K933CP, K933PEW-D, K933BRN, K933BK, K933ABM, KH2SC, P769BSN, P769PEW-D, P769APT, P769AC, P769EOA, P769AIM, PT076BRN, PT128BRN, PT096BRN, PT192BRN, PTK40BRN, PT256BRN


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