Shaker Style Cabedza


Made from all 100% Canadian, solid maple and maple plywood. Our strongest and heaviest duty unit.
Is a combination of the Smooth Front and Cottage designs in one unit, without the bead board (groves) in the front.

See description below for examples of finish and hardware options.

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Click here to see a sample of the finishes and hardware available

Additional information


Twin, Twin Long, Double, Double Long, Queen


206, Brandy, DW, White Wash, 2492, 6349, 7154, 2822, 530, 1825, Black, 133, 4022


P3001-96BRN, P3001-128BRN, K34SC, P3001-128SC, P3001-96SC, P762-76AIM, P762-76RB, P762-76CP, P762-76PEW-D, P762-76BRN, P762-76SC, K933ORB, K933CP, K933PEW-D, K933BRN, K933BK, K933ABM, KH2SC, P769BSN, P769PEW-D, P769APT, P769AC, P769EOA, P769AIM, PT076BRN, PT128BRN, PT096BRN, PT192BRN, PTK40BRN, PT256BRN


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